About us

About us enviroheat February 6, 2020
The story of Enviroheat and Envirosun hot water is one of continuous improvement and innovation stretching back over twenty-five years.

We have worked in the hot water industry nearly all our lives and know what works, what lasts and what is needed.

We are dedicated to providing the absolute best the solar water heaters and heat pump hot water systems in not only performance but reliability.

It is that type of commitment that gives us the edge when offering the most advanced solar hot water systems.
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Product Belief
We believe in our products. Period.
Our mission
To design, supply and support the most energy efficient and technologically robust hot water systems using the best ideas, components and materials from around the world.

To provide the consumer with peace of mind in that investment in our products is an investment in the future, financially and environmentally.

We’re not shackled by a commitment to an outdated manufacturing plant but instead, we’re able to change quickly as technology progresses, we have the most advanced hot water systems in New Zealand. The tanks, collectors and controls that go into our hot water systems are sourced from some of the world’s largest and most advanced production houses from Holland, Italy and Australia.


Our Enviroheat heat pump system is manufactured by the world’s largest appliance manufacturer and backed by a 5 year replacement warranty. Now that's what standing behind your product is all about. If your Enviroheat heat pump hot water system has a mechanical failure within 5 years, it is replaced under warranty with a brand new unit. That's right, a brand new unit!

High quality

Through a process of choosing the best components that work and fit together in the best way we continue to create the most advanced and environmentally responsible hot water systems – hot water heaters that are reliable, durable, economical in running costs and energy consumption whilst being affordable and very price competitive with our competitor brands.

Locally built

We are a Australian company and use Australian product first when they are the best quality options. All our systems have been developed by us for the New Zealand and Australian environments. Our systems are not mass produced re-badged products made by a single manufacturing plant. Enviroheat and Envirosun hot water systems are only available under the Envirosun and Enviroheat brands.

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