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Warranty Claim on your Enviroheat product

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    Press TIMER and BOOST for 10 seconds to unlock screen

    Check powerpoint with a plug in appliance. If there is power SUBMIT form.

    Any noise at night can be objectionable. You can set the timers so you run the system between certain times.

    Check the poweroint. Make sure that the unit is turned on at the screen indicated by lines above and below the temperature readout. If lines are present SUBMIT form.

    Check that the TIMER is set to the correct time of day. Also check that the L1 on and off timers are set correctly.

    Put your hand behind the unit at the top and feel if the air is cold when the system is running. If not noticeably colder that the ambient temperature, SUBMIT form.

    Is this only happening when you press the BOOST function or always when the unit tries to run. In any case, SUBMIT the form.

    The valve on the bottom of the incoming plumbing pipework is intended to drip when the unit is heating up. This is to control the expansion of water in the tank. If no expansion valve is fitted, the top valve will drip. This is both normal and necessary. If the valve is running constantly SUBMIT the form.

    Check what the SET temperature on the screen is set at. Correct setting should be 60°C. If the ACT temperature is 50°C or above it could be an issue with the anti-scalding valve. SUBMIT form.